Jeff Grieshammer

Senior Loan Officer
Madison, WI
NMLS # 263742
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I am an elementary school teacher in Madison and want all of you taking the time to read this to know that YOU WILL NOT FIND A MORE GENUINE AND DEDICATED mortgage loan officer – EVER. In this day and age, finding someone you can trust; who will treat your account like it was their own, is kind of unheard of. For someone who cares for other people’s most valuable assets on a daily basis, I know how much trust is involved in this kind of relationship. Most peoples’ second most valuable asset is the home in which these cherished ones live. If you want someone to care as much as you do about your home (one of the most important decisions of your life) you need look no further than Jeff Grieshammer. I met Jeff as someone who was going to work with me, and now consider Jeff a true friend. My account was probably one of the most challenging one could come across; he could have dropped me at any point. But he kept fighting (and believe me there was a brawl around every corner). And, he’s STILL fighting for me. The phrase “to go above and beyond” doesn’t even begin to describe his work ethic. The high expectations this man holds himself to are truly inspiring. This review could go on for pages describing the hoops Jeff will jump through for you to be treated with respect and dignity. I will ALWAYS remember, recommend and honor him. Thank you Jeff for helping achieve my dreams!

September 6, 2017

Jeff is a Madison native and has been working in the Madison area market since 1998. Jeff has a passion and excitement for the mortgage industry and making sure his borrowers are well educated about the home buying process before they start shopping for their home. Jeff has a wonderful wife, Annie who works at Meriter Hospital, and they have a young son, Austyn who fully supports his dads work, and like his dad; Austyn loves to play the drums. Jeff is professional who cares a great deal for his relationships with his clients and the professional partners who help him create a great home buying experience.

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